High School at Wesleyan Christian Academy

Empowering Minds. Inspiring Souls. Transforming Futures.

Wesleyan’s high school program offers a biblically-based, college preparatory curriculum taught at an accelerated rate by fully-accredited faculty committed to providing students with a well-rounded education rooted in Christian values. Our mission is to equip students to serve Christ and influence the world for God’s glory! We invite you to explore our website further to learn more about Wesleyan Christian Academy and how we can provide your child with a quality education that prepares them for a successful future. Join our community where academic excellence, Christian values, and college preparation come together to shape the next generation of leaders.

High School Curriculum

College Counseling

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Wesleyan Christian Academy takes pride in our outstanding college acceptance rates. Our seniors are admitted into 90% of the colleges and universities they apply to, demonstrating the strength of our academic program and the preparedness of our students. Furthermore, our senior class is awarded approximately $6.5 million in merit-based college scholarship money annually, recognizing the exceptional achievements of our students.


We believe education is not just about academics but also about developing character and nurturing spiritual growth. As a Christian school, we integrate biblical principles into every aspect of our curriculum and school life. We strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where students can grow in their faith, develop strong moral values, and become responsible and compassionate adults that impact the world around them for Christ.


In addition to our rigorous academic program, Wesleyan Christian Academy offers a variety of extracurricular activities to enrich students’ experiences and foster their interests. We provide opportunities for participation in sports, fine arts, clubs, community service, and leadership development. These activities help students develop teamwork, leadership skills, and a well-rounded personality.


At Wesleyan Christian Academy, we believe in instilling a sense of service and compassion in our students. Through various community outreach programs and service opportunities, we empower our students to make a positive impact in the lives of others. Our curriculum and extracurricular activities foster a spirit of giving back, teaching students the importance of serving their community with humility and love.

Raphaella Mumo | Class of 2023

“Wesleyan Christian Academy has nurtured me in ways beyond academic learning. The teachers, staff, and fellow students have become pillars of support, guiding me through challenges and triumphs. Their unwavering belief in my potential has provided me with the confidence to navigate the world after high school and for the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to be a part of this family who loved me from my first day of enrollment.”

High School Distinctives

A Christ-centered, student-focused learning environment


We offer a highly competitive college preparatory curriculum that includes honors courses, Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and online dual enrollment offerings. In addition, we provide academic support to students diagnosed with mild to moderate learning disabilities through our Resource Classes and Enrichment Center. Whether your child needs an additional challenge or extra support, Wesleyan has academic programming to fit your child’s needs.  


From academics to athletics to the performing arts, your student will find engaging activities that spark innovation, creativity, and a love of learning. In addition, your student will have ample opportunities for leadership roles, spiritual development, and travel experiences, including our international Missions Trips and European Explorations. Wesleyan graduates are well-rounded, grounded in their faith, prepared for college, and equipped to influence the world around them.


Each semester, high school students can choose from more than 20 electives that align with their interests and set them up for future success. Is your student interested in the performing arts? They can choose band, chorus, drama, theatre technology, and more. Interested in media? Maybe they’d like to try digital media and design or work on the journalism or yearbook staff. Do they need to focus on something particular, like SAT prep, study hall, or service learning? No matter their passion or calling, they’ll have the chance to explore, discover, and create.


With over 37 championship athletic teams across 13 sports — baseball, basketball, cheerleading, cross country, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, wrestling. WCA competes at the 4A level of the North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association (NCISAA). Our Fellowship of Christian Athletes student organization is among our most popular on campus. WCA athletes do things “the Wesleyan way,” where they hold themselves to a high standard in representing Christ and our school on and off the field. 

Work Hard – Pray Persistently – Embrace Joy

Setting them up for success today and tomorrow

Civil & Academic Discourse

Wesleyan provides students with an intentionally Christian environment to grow their faith and develop a strong biblical foundation. We also understand the importance of engaging with different worldviews and perspectives. Through our thought-provoking worldview courses, students actively participate in discussions and explore diverse perspectives, fostering critical thinking and respectful dialogue. We believe this exposure enhances their understanding of the world and equips them to engage thoughtfully as they navigate their faith in today’s diverse society.

Service, Missions & Leadership

Our students understand the value of serving others and actively engage in leadership roles within our school community. Through student organizations and community service opportunities, they take on responsibilities that foster personal growth, empathy, and a heart for making a difference. Our high school leadership team, comprised of elected students, plays a vital role in welcoming new students to our campus, creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all. Together, we empower our students to lead with humility, compassion, and a commitment to serving others.


One of the most defining characteristics of Wesleyan is our incredibly supportive faculty and staff. Not only are our teachers qualified and dedicated to their subject matter, they also look out for their students. They model Christian values for your student, reinforcing those same values you’re teaching and modeling at home. They go above and beyond to be sure students are on track academically, socially, and emotionally. 

Campus Safety

A Safe Place to Learn and Grow

You can take comfort in knowing that safety is a top priority on our K-12 campus, located in the heart of North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad area.

Although all of our students are located on the same campus and under one roof, each school program has a dedicated area on our campus for its students. Safety measures include two full-time police officers, indoor/outdoor camera surveillance, secure entry points, and a parent/visitor check-in and screening process. We also participate in critical incident drills, weather emergency drills, and we are proud of our dedicated and trained, first responder team.

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