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Wesleyan Teaching Studios

Welcome to The Teaching Studios at Wesleyan Christian Academy, where musical growth and development flourish! We take immense pride in offering this exceptional program to Wesleyan students and the community, providing a remarkable opportunity to nurture their musical skills and unleash their full potential. Our Teaching Studio serves as a valuable resource, enriching the Fine Arts programs at Wesleyan and positively impacting the musical landscape of our community.

Lesson Options

We warmly embrace students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, and from kindergarten to senior adults. Regardless of age or skill, everyone is invited to join us on this incredible musical journey! Lessons are offered in the following areas:

At Wesleyan Teaching Studios, we prioritize creating a safe and secure environment. Here, students are encouraged to explore, grow, and refine their God-given talents. By doing so, they can magnify their abilities and use them to glorify Him! We wholeheartedly invite you to consider how our services can be of utmost value to your family.

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Dr. Mike Jarrett

Private Teaching Studios Director

Phone: 336-884-3144