Elementary Curriculum

Through partnering with families, intentional biblical integration in each subject area, and a standards based curriculum that exceeds State and National standards, Wesleyan equips each student with the skills and confidence to serve Christ and influence the world.  In addition to the vertically aligned, college-preparatory curriculum, our Christian teachers use various and innovative methods of teaching so that our academic program is able to support learners of all ages and challenge them to flourish academically as well as socially, physically, and spiritually.

Summit Ministries, Building on the Rock, lays the groundwork for Christian worldview education.  Students learn to view the world through four distinct relationships: with the Creator, with each other, with themselves, and with His creation.  This curriculum is constructed in a spiral sequence, built around 20 biblical truths found throughout Scripture.  Bible is taught daily in our elementary program.

ABeka offers a strong phonetic approach to pre-reading and reading for our youngest learners, hence it is specifically used in our transitional kindergarten program.  Both the content and the methods used to enrich the literacy, grammar and writing work beautifully in order to build a firm foundation in language arts.

Purposeful Design Language Arts series is taught in kindergarten through fourth grade.  This program weaves together the wonders of oral and written language with a biblical worldview.  This research based curriculum includes systematic phonics instruction as well as spelling and vocabulary instruction.  Additional components of this curriculum include a variety of literary genres, grammar and writing instruction.

Reveal Math is a research based math series that challenges and engages students as they build their skills to create a strong foundation of conceptual and procedural knowledge so they may successfully reason and problem solve.  This curriculum incorporates both inquiry-focused and teacher-guided instructional strategies with each lesson.

Science is integrated into regular lessons and units of study in every grade level and students will attend a weekly S.T.E.M. (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math) Special.  Science is taught formally in the classroom beginning in fourth grade.

Special Area Offerings

Fine Art is built into our weekly curriculum from transitional kindergarten to fifth grade.  Wesleyan students create a variety of projects using mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, sewing, plaster, clay and weaving.

Wesleyan elementary students are able to explore and check out books from our Media Center / Library.  The Media Center is a place where students grow as readers, use collaboration and research skills, and are exposed to many book genres.  Wesleyan generally hosts two book fairs annually.

Students participate in grade appropriate music instruction to develop skills in playing various instruments, visual and aural identification of instruments, score reading, music history, movement to music, and vocal and instrumental performance.  

Students participate in grade appropriate music instruction to develop skills in playing various instruments, visual and aural identification of instruments, score reading, music history, movement to music, and vocal and instrumental performance.  

Students attend Wesleyan’s S.T.E.M. Lab every six days to experience grade appropriate, hands-on, enrichment activities which emphasize and complement the science instruction and units of study in the classroom.

Students attend technology class and become familiar with using their Chromebooks in a multitude of ways.  Fundamental computer skills are taught to our youngest learners and typing instruction begins in third grade.  Students use technology in the classroom to enhance the learning experience.  A portion of this class is designated to introduce basic foreign language vocabulary and conversation.

Additional Offerings

Fall, winter, and spring MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing is completed annually.  The MAP scores are used to verify that our teachers are teaching at or above grade level.

Elementary students attend chapel once a week for worship, teaching by various speakers, and age appropriate biblical application.  Scripture is the centerpiece of our chapel experience.  

Every day, students have the opportunity to move and practice socialization skills during their outdoor playtime.

Resource is available for first though fourth grade students.  The primary goal of Resource is to support the core instruction of the classroom and provide accommodations when necessary.  Students are able to be pulled out for Resource support for math and ELA.  Students who need academic support beyond what our Resource faculty can provide or in additional subject areas can seek assistance through The Enrichment Center at Wesleyan Christian Academy.  There is an additional cost for Resource and Enrichment Center classes.

Students who have a need for articulation or language related interventions are able to be pulled out by our staff Speech and Language Pathologist in small group or one-on-one instruction.  There is an additional charge for this service.