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Excellence in Athletics, Character, Leadership, and Teamwork!

At Wesleyan, our athletic department’s purpose extends far beyond competition and trophies. While we acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of our athletes and teams, we are equally committed to fostering academic and spiritual growth in our students. We strive to instill Godly character in our student athletes, encouraging them to display integrity, respect, and sportsmanship in every situation.

We believe in the holistic development of our student athletes, emphasizing their academic success and spiritual growth alongside their athletic pursuits. We are proud of our athletes’ achievements, both on and off the field, and we consider it a privilege to play a part in their journey.

Spring Sports Season Is Here!

2024 Spring Sports Information Night
February 26th | 5:30 p.m. | Wesleyan Christian Academy High School Gym

Postponements & Cancellations

Please check here to see if your practice or game has been postponed or cancelled.

February 23, 2024

Varsity Soccer will meet in Room 206 after school for a brief meeting

Varsity Softball will meet and hopefully practice at the Sandy Ridge field, rain or shine.

Track practice is cancelled today

All other teams follow the planned practice plan given by coaches earlier this week.


With approximately 34 athletic teams available each year, Wesleyan students (6-12), have a wide range of teams to choose from. This extensive selection allows students to explore various sports and find the ones they are passionate about. Such opportunities can contribute to their physical fitness, teamwork skills, and overall personal development.


Wesleyan athletes are instilled with Christian values such as integrity, humility, perseverance, and sportsmanship. Coaches and mentors actively guide and mentor students, fostering their personal growth, and emphasizing the importance of character both on and off the field. Wesleyan’s athletic program help students develop strong moral compasses, build resilience, and cultivate virtuous qualities that positively impact their lives beyond the realm of sports.


In the Christian athletic program at Wesleyan Christian Academy, students have exceptional leadership opportunities. Through their participation in various sports teams, students have the chance to develop leadership skills both on and off the field. These experiences empower students to become influential leaders, serving as role models within the athletic program and the wider community.


Students are encouraged to embrace the principles of collaboration, communication, and mutual support. Through their participation in team sports, students learn to rely on one another, appreciate diverse strengths, and work towards a common goal, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. The emphasis on teamwork in the Christian athlete nurtures valuable skills that extend beyond the field, preparing students for future endeavors where cooperation and collaboration are essential.

Our ultimate goal is to glorify and honor our Lord Jesus Christ in everything we do. Through the dedication of our athletes, the guidance of our coaches, and the grace of God, Wesleyan’s athletic program has earned the attention and respect of colleges and universities throughout the country!

Team Options




Men’s and Women’s



Cross Country

Men’s and Women’s


Men’s and Women’s


Men’s and Women’s




Men’s and Women’s


Men’s and Women’s


Men’s and Women’s





Athletic Facilities

Wesleyan’s Centennial Street Campus

To access any of the following Centennial Street Campus athletic facilities, please use the physical address of 922 Eastchester Drive, High Point, NC 27262. Enter the building via the High School Entrance.

– Soccer Field

– Softball Field

– Middle School Gym

– High School Gym

– Tennis Courts

– Indoor Pool

Wesleyan’s Sandy Ridge Campus

To access any of the following Sandy Ridge Campus athletic facilities, please use the physical address of 1946 Sandy Ridge Road, Colfax, NC 27235.

– Baseball Field

– Cross Country Course

– Lacrosse Field

– Rock Climbing Wall

– Ropes Course

High Point Athletic Complex

To access Wesleyan’s Track and Field facilities, please come to the High Point Athletic Complex located at 503 Shadybrook Road, High Point, NC 27265. Turn left onto Shadybrook Road to get to the track parking lot.

– Track and Field

Johnson Street Sports Complex

Wesleyan’s Middle School Baseball Team will practice and play at the Johnson Street Sports Complex, located at 4515 Johnson Street, HIgh Point, NC 27265.

– Middle School Baseball

Oak Hollow Golf Course

To access the Oak Hollow Golf Course, please use the address of 3400 N. Centennial Street, High Point, NC 27262 .

– Men’s and Women’s Golf

Meet the Athletics Team

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Mr. John Hughes

Director of Athletics

Mr. John Hughes

Director of Athletics

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Mrs. Tammy Russell

High School/Athletics Admin. Assistant

Mrs. Tammy Russell

High School/Athletics Admin. Assistant

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