Mission, Vision, and Outcomes

Our Mission

Our Mission is to partner with families by providing a biblically-based, college-preparatory education so that students will be equipped to serve Christ and influence the world for God’s glory.

Our Vision

Expected Student Outcomes

Upon graduation, it is with great intention that our graduates will exemplify excellence in:

A Strong, Established Biblical Foundation through:

  • Learning and applying Biblical lessons taught daily in each subject area
  • Attending weekly chapel services
  • Participating in small group meetings
  • Studying the foundations of a Christian worldview as compared to other worldviews

A Superior Academic Distinction by:

  • Thinking critically and applying innovative strategies in problem solving
  • Conducting comprehensive research based upon both qualitative and quantitative information obtained through informed inquiry
  • Completing rigorous and challenging coursework with integrity
  • Developing a lifelong growth mindset to include attaining knowledge, wisdom, and independent life skills
  • Demonstrating the ability to effectively communicate and advocate with purpose

A Servant Leadership Mindset demonstrated by:

  • Participating in community outreach projects
  • Collaborating with peers in a Christ-like manner to reach specific group goals
  • Exemplifying the “Great Commission” in both community and global service opportunities
  • Engaging in leadership opportunities both on and off campus

A Firm Belief in Christian Community by:

  • Advocating for teachers, peers, and others through prayer
  • Edifying peers, teachers, and our campus wide community
  • Engaging with a local church
  • Embracing and demonstrating respect for diversity in ethnicity, learning style, socioeconomic status, and age

A Biblical View of Stewardship by:

  • Exhibiting the completion of time-oriented goals with excellence
  • Supporting mission projects with living necessities, time, and financial resources
  • Utilizing their God-given talents in all areas of the school by engaging in performing and visual arts, extracurricular activities, chapel opportunities, and by supporting or participating in our sports program
  • Honoring the family structure with respect, honor, and gratitude