Faculty and Staff Resources

Faculty & Staff Resources

Empowering Excellence in Education! The following forms are for the use of Wesleyan Christian Academy Faculty and Staff only. Please complete the forms for making facility reservations, requesting technology assistance, submitting website updates, and reviewing professional development training and documentation.

Firstly, our facility reservation form enables you to secure the necessary spaces for upcoming events, meetings, or workshops. By providing essential details such as date, time, and specific requirements, we can ensure a smooth coordination of resources.

Secondly, our technology assistance request form is designed to address any issues or concerns you may encounter with your technological devices or systems. Promptly completing this form will allow our IT department to provide timely support and assistance, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Additionally, we offer a website update submission form, which empowers you to communicate any changes or additions you would like to make to our institution’s website. Your contributions play a vital role in keeping our online presence up-to-date and informative.

Lastly, please make use of our professional development training and documentation review page. This allows you to review the information from our various training sessions.

By utilizing these forms, we can efficiently manage and address your needs, facilitating a more organized and responsive work environment. We greatly appreciate your cooperation in using these resources effectively.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to our institution.