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Empowering Students Who Have Mild-to-Moderate Learning Differences

As a parent of a child with a learning difference you’ve experienced their frustrations alongside them. You’ve felt their discouragement as they’ve struggled with schoolwork and traditional classroom environments. You’ve also come to recognize the value of a Christ-centered education that reminds them that God does not make mistakes. Your child learns the way they learn, because that is how God perfectly designed their mind to work. 

At the Enrichment Center at Wesleyan Christian Academy, we serve families of 2nd through 12th grade children who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, auditory processing disorder, central processing disorder, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyslexia. At the same time, we work hard to build strong, successful, independent learners rooted in God’s word who can continue their education at the university level.

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Teaching That’s Fully Integrated & Immersive

The Enrichment Center is fully integrated into Wesleyan Christian Academy. This means your child will learn core subjects in small-group enrichment classrooms, while they participate in electives, art, music, athletics, and chapel within the academy and alongside the larger student body. Ultimately, our goal is to teach students how they learn so they can transition back into the traditional classroom and advocate for their own learning needs. 

Program HoursAverage Class Size
Grades 2-48 a.m.-2:30 p.m.4-6 students
Grades 5-88 a.m. – 3 p.m.6-8 students
Grades 9-12 8 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.8-10 students

Sam Huffman | WCA Class of 2020

“Today, I graduated from high school. There were many long nights that landed in tears … but I was not going to let dyslexia defeat me. Wesleyan came into my life in 6th grade. From there I began to improve in my reading, writing, and math. The Enrichment Center helped me achieve ‘mainstreaming’ by 8th grade. In high school, most of my classes [were] in the Enrichment Center with one resource and one academy class each year. Love has truly been all around me at Wesleyan. And I can say is I beat those tears finally. I made it. Without these (Wesleyan) teachers, I could not have done it. At all.”

Making All the Difference for Students With Learning Differences

If you desire to have your child actively involved in a college-preparatory Christian school but, because of their unique learning differences, have been unable to keep them in a traditional classroom setting, our Enrichment Center is for you.

Academic Support in ALL Subject Areas

Wesleyan Christian Academy takes a tiered approach to academic support. This means that we offer three different levels of assistance depending on the specific needs of your child. The first level is offered through in-class accommodations such as preferential seating in the larger traditional classrooms, and/or additional time on tests.The second level of academic support offered is through our Math and Reading/English resource classes. These classes are smaller in size and offer support to students who need just a little bit of additional assistance in these subject areas.

The third and most in-depth level of support comes into play in our Enrichment Center. In this part of the school, ALL core subject areas are covered including: Math, Science, English/Literature, Bible, and Spanish. Your child will benefit from an individualized education plan with specialized reading and math support. Our Enrichment Center utilizes educational programs like the Orton-Gillingham teaching approach to support our students. Your student will also have the opportunity to showcase their knowledge of information in nontraditional assignments that speak better to their specific learning disabilities. 

Positive Challenges

The Enrichment Center is able to offer intensive services when needed while integrating the same scholastic standards as in the larger academy setting. We’ll work hard to transition your child out of the Enrichment Center and into a traditional classroom when they are ready as well as prepare them for college and beyond.

Nurturing Community

Certified learning disabilities teachers as well as larger community staff and peers offer hope and affirmation, encouraging each student to succeed, in and out of the classroom. This ensures your child feels seen, heard, and understood.

Faith-First Focus

Your child will grow in confidence and faith surrounded by people who love the Lord. They’ll come to school each day learning the same Christian values you teach at home and participate in Bible class and weekly chapel.

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Providing Hope & Enriching Futures With College Preparation

Whether your child has ADD/ADHD or dyslexia, a processing disorder, or another mild-to-moderate learning difference, our Enrichment Center will meet them where they are. We’ll also challenge them and provide a comprehensive college-prep education. They’ll work on building executive functioning skills, self-advocacy tools, and organizational skills, which will serve them well throughout university studies and life.

With a 100% graduation rate, our students have gone on to:
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  • Large public four-year universities
  • Two-year community colleges
  • Information technology programs
  • Aviation manufacturing programs
  • Culinary institutes
  • Professional sports
  • Secret Service

Meet the Enrichment Center Principal

Mrs. Nadine Davis

Degree: M.Ed. Special Education
Teaching Experience: 19 years

Our goal is also to work our way out of a job. If students learn how to manage their learning differences and are capable of mainstreaming, we want them to do so. Whether it’s in one subject or all subjects.”

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