We provide biblically-based, kindergarten readiness learning for your child.


The Early Education Center at Wesleyan Christian Academy serves infants through Pre-K4 and aims to develop the whole child — body, mind, and soul. Our teachers recognize that every child is uniquely created in God’s image. They see their work as a calling to care for, engage, encourage, nurture, and teach Christian values while preparing your child for a successful future.


Below, you’ll find a brief overview of what we place emphasis on each day, special activities we offer, as well as what our parent communication looks like.

Each week, our curriculum focuses on a fun theme, letter, number, shape, color, and Bible story. At the preschool level, core skills are developed in: reading readiness, phonetic skills, math, and science.

Teachers use sensory play and small group interactions to teach letter and number recognition, reading readiness, and handwriting skills. Lesson plans are grounded in play-based, hands-on learning that encourages the development of a child’s natural curiosity and inclination for learning. Activity centers support language development, reading readiness, and mathematical concepts, as well as foster fine and gross motor skills. As preschoolers move into Pre-K3 and Pre-K4 classrooms, they experience a more structured curriculum that is developmentally appropriate for Kindergarten readiness.

Using biblical truth as our foundation, we teach and practice good manners, friendship, kindness, and conflict resolution. Learners are encouraged to use verbal communication to express their needs.

We partner with parents to develop a child’s compassion, trust, empathy, moral compass, and respect for authority.

Movement and play are critical for healthy development. Indoor and outdoor activities cultivate fine and gross motor skills. We offer age appropriate playgrounds and a gymnasium.

Gross Motor

Everyday movement requires our large muscles to be strong and mobile. In order to strengthen those muscles, we focus on various activities to improve their gross motor skills such as crawling, running, jumping, and climbing.

Fine Motor

It’s just as important to develop our small muscles as it is large muscles. Things like writing, eating, brushing teeth, and tying shoes are vital to our everyday success. We offer activities that focus specifically on strengthening our small muscles such as working with beads, play-doh, lacing, stickers, tongs and tweezers, etc.

Children learn who they are as a child of God through daily prayer, Bible lessons, and weekly chapels.

We follow First Look Preschool Curriculum developed by Orange. We discuss Bible stories that influence the faith and future of preschool kids. Each lesson includes various art and music activities.

Preparing for a Kindergarten classroom and curriculum involves a lot more than just mastering academic fundamentals. Children also need to develop self-discipline and self-control, be familiar with following a routine, and know how to engage appropriately with teachers and friends. Our preschool teachers work on these goals daily as little learners gain the confidence and capability necessary for elementary school success.

We offer open communication as you receive daily updates from your child’s teacher and weekly newsletters regarding the entire Wesleyan community. With your signed permission, we also communicate with you through an app called Class Dojo. Through Dojo, you will be able to view weekly photos and videos of your child learning and having fun! We can also use it to message you directly.

In addition to our program, parents may sign up for additional activities. We offer weekly swim lessons through Star Aquatics, weekly soccer lessons through Soccer Shots, and weekly music lessons through Baby Grand.