School Nurse

“Children should be healthy to learn and learn to be healthy.”

American Nurses Association Position Statement on School Nursing

Wesleyan is blessed to employ two school nurses who provide first-aid care, consultation, staff training, student wellness education, and on/off campus health information coordination.

Every Day FAQs

  • They have been fever free for 48 hours WITHOUT fever-reducing medication.
    A fever is considered 99.6 degrees or above when taken orally. 
  • They have not vomited in 48 hours.
  • They have not had diarrhea within 48 hours. 

Wesleyan Christian Academy is an “Allergy Aware” facility. We work with staff, parents, and students to prevent life-threatening allergic reactions and ensure safety response measures are in place in the event a reaction does occur.

Wesleyan is NOT a nut-free facility. Children have many food, insect, and substance allergies that can cause a severe reaction. We strive to educate staff and those individuals with severe allergies on how to avoid potential allergen containing foods/substances, how to recognize the signs of a reaction, and how to respond to a reaction.  

Prevention is key! If your child has a potential life-threatening allergy, please contact the school nurse before the start of the school year so that safety measures are in place when your child arrives the first day of school. Have your child’s healthcare provider complete an emergency action plan and provide emergency medications as outlined in the school medication policy. Communication with teachers, coaches, and the school nurse is an important part of prevention and is welcomed.

Parents of elementary students are asked to provide “safe snacks” to have on hand. Unlabeled food which is brought into the classroom to be shared at parties should not, as a general rule, be eaten by a child with food allergies. You may also wish to complete a Diet Modification Request Form. This form is particularly helpful for students with dairy allergies who may be allowed to eat some dairy foods but not others. Turn the completed form into the nurse or child’s teacher. 

Please inform your child’s teacher and contact the school nurse at (336) 884-3333.

Each student is covered under a Student Accident Insurance Plan for injuries that occur during school activities. This is a secondary policy that may cover out-of-pocket expenses after your primary insurance claim has been filed. After all statements and receipts have been collected, please contact Tom Eller, at

Nurse Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore, RN
(336) 884-3333 x255

Leslie Papciak, RN (336) 884-3333 x255

Office Hours:  

8:00am – 3:30pm (When the academy is in session.)


Elementary hallway, adjacent to our Kindergarten classrooms.

  • First aid care and consultation
  • Health-related staff training
  • Wellness education for students
  • Health information coordination for on-campus and off-campus activities

Please visit  our Sports Medicine page under Athletics to access our Sports Forms.