N.C. General Assembly Representative and Guilford County Commissioner Visit WCA

The academy was pleased to welcome North Carolina General Assembly Representative and Majority Whip, Mr. Jon Hardister and Guilford County Commissioner and WCA parent, Mr. Hank Henning today. 

Mr. Hardister is a strong advocate of school choice as he was a cosponsor of the Opportunity Scholarship Act, which directly benefits several dozen of our Wesleyan families. 

On his visit, Representative Hardister and Commissioner Henning were able to tour the school with Mr. Rickman, meet with Dr. Brown on other school choice initiatives, and meet several Wesleyan students who are recipients of the Opportunity Scholarship program.  Mr. Hardister was also able to drop in to Mr. Merritt’s AP History class and answer questions about politics, why he chose this service, and the surprising number of young adults serving at the legislative level.

We are thankful and eager to work with all of our local and state representatives no matter what their political background. In the past, Wesleyan has also had the pleasure of hosting and meeting with Representative Cecil Brockman, Representative Paul Stam, former U.S. Congressman, Howard Coble, presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, and several city council members.  We greatly appreciate the many representatives in the General Assembly who are willing to take on the work of school choice that benefits so many Wesleyan families and North Carolinians.

Pictured are some of the Opportunity Scholarship recipients from Wesleyan (L-R): Commissioner, Hank Henning, Kariyana Johnson (10th grade Enrichment), Jones Barber (5th grade), Representative Hardister, Ethan Trinh (1st grade), Hannah Drass (10th grade) and Dr. Rob Brown, Head of School.