Wesleyan’s Elementary Principal Search Is Complete!


Over the last several months, we have been engaged in a comprehensive search process to identify the ideal candidate to serve as Wesleyan’s next Elementary Principal. We thank you for your prayers that we know covered this entire effort. In his faithfulness, the Lord blessed us with a number of exceptional candidates and a very effective and thorough interview process that included members of our administration, the chairman of our school board, and selected faculty and staff.

In His timely grace, each staff member and administrator that interacted with our finalist over the past few weeks were fully convinced of the Lord’s leading and confirmation in the hiring process. That’s why we are excited to share with you that our search is officially complete and our new principal has been hired for next year.

It’s with great thanksgiving that we announce Dr. David Ray of Madison, Georgia, has accepted our offer to serve as Wesleyan Christian Academy’s new Elementary Principal. The Administration and Board are very pleased with not only Dr. Ray’s skill set, background, and character, but also the clear confirmation of his leadership, depth of educational distinction, and the firm conviction of his Christian worldview. His educational background includes:

  • Doctor of Education in Leadership, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2001)
  • Specialist in Education, University of West Georgia (1997)
  • Master of Divinity, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (1993)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, University of Kentucky (1989)

Dr. Ray comes to us with 25 years of experience in elementary, middle and high schools, successfully serving the last 14 years as an Elementary Principal just outside of Athens, Georgia. Dr. Ray has established a reputation as a principal who is very approachable, grace-oriented, and is loved and respected by his teachers, parents, and students.

Though his primary experience has been in the public school system, Dr. Ray shared that he had felt led to retire early from public education to seek a position in a Christian school setting which aligns best with his faith and beliefs. This step of faith, paired with his resume of both personal and professional recognitions, strong references and a thorough interview process, indicate a man who is committed to excellence, and especially to Christ’s truth and grace.

He, along with his wife, Mary Pat, and their three children plan to move to North Carolina in the next few months and will all become part of our Wesleyan family. In addition, Dr. Ray is eager to meet all of our faculty and is already planning to be on campus next Tuesday, April 2, to begin meeting with teachers. His official start date will be July 1, and we plan to have an open house soon so our parents can meet him as well. Please be in prayer for Dr. Ray and his family as they begin the process of selling their home in Georgia, moving to High Point, and settling into Wesleyan.

Join us in thanking the Lord for providing us the opportunity to interview so many gifted individuals, and for allowing us to hire an exceptional person of academic and spiritual depth who is now a part of our leadership team. 

Dr. Rob Brown
Head of School