Varsity Coaches Make a Difference

It’s not often that a high school soccer coach has a book written about his coaching methods and for it to make the list of Amazon’s top 100 best sellers of books on coaching soccer; however, Wesleyan’s varsity boys soccer coach, Scott Reitnour, has achieved just that.  

The recently published book, “The Wesleyan Way,” by Dr. Michael Zigarelli, is full of inspirational information and coaching strategies that shows what has made the Wesleyan soccer program so successful.  When the word “successful” is used, one would think this refers only to championship wins; however, to Coach Reitnour, it is much more. Zigarelli lists 12 principles that Coach Reitnour, and even his predecessor, Coach David Sanford, set as the guidelines for the program.  Principles such as pursue a purpose bigger than winning, train the varsity from kindergarten, and give them the keys but hold them accountable, reveal the passion of Coach Reitnour and all that is instilled in these athletes.