Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Move Students to Give and Learn

When Wesleyan students, parents, and staff hear the call to help those in need, they are always quick to respond.  

The academy recently joined forces with God’s Pit Crew Crisis Response Team and collected nearly 500 Blessing Buckets for the victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. These buckets were filled with personal and miscellaneous items, snacks, and a Bible along with a personal note to let the recipients know that someone is praying for them. After loading an 18 wheeler truck with the buckets, students gathered around as our Head of School, Dr. Rob Brown, prayed for the wonderful people who are going to receive these blessings. To watch a video of the students praying together before the truck left Wesleyan, please click here.

Days before Hurricane Irma made landfall, Wesleyan’s STEM teacher, Joel Steindel, took the opportunity for his students to study the hurricane’s progression. Students watched the progression by using the online web application, Ventusky. This website focuses on weather predictions and meteorological data and visualization. Students were able to study the various cities and states that were affected. They were able to view what was happening in the atmospheric level and the various levels above the surface of the Earth. Students quickly realized that the earth’s weather functions as an interdependent system.

We are grateful for the Wesleyan family that is always willing and ready to assist those in need. Many lives will be helped because of these efforts. We are also thankful for teachers such as Mr. Steindel who challenge students to learn not only by a textbook but through many other exciting avenues.