High School Senior Receives Prestigious Full-Tuition Scholarship from Duke University

Wesleyan would like to recognize and congratulate high school senior, Nick Chrapliwy as he has been awarded a Trinity Scholarship from Duke University. 

This merit-based scholarship is one of the most prestigious in the nation and covers full tuition, fees, room and board, as well as study and work abroad. The Trinity Scholarships are awarded to gifted students from specific areas in both of the Carolinas. Nick is one of six students from North Carolina who has been awarded a Trinity Scholarship valued at more than $260,000.

Nick began attending Wesleyan in kindergarten and through the years has developed an impressive list of accomplishments. Wesleyan’s student journalism staff listed many of Nick’s accomplishments in their recently published newspaper, The Trojournal.  The newspaper staff reports that Nick’s passion is neuroscience, and he has already “assisted in over one hundred hours of neuroscience research at Duke University in the labs of Drs. Staci Bilbo and Greg Applebaum. Nick will be credited with co-authorship in a publication of the latter forthcoming this spring.”

Nick has also represented Wesleyan in the International Brain Bee competition for high school students. During his junior year, he earned first place and competed on the national level. It was at the national competition where he and other students created the International Youth Neuroscience Association, a non-profit that connects students to opportunities in the field of neuroscience.

To add to his list of achievements, Nick is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. According to The Trojournal, last fall, he had the opportunity to work with other high school students “to create a system of measuring micronutrient deficiencies in dataless populations that uses an app to determine deficient status from a urine sample.”

Even though Nick’s number one passion is neuroscience, music comes in as a close second. He plans to major in neuroscience and linguistics and minor in music at Duke.

We are proud of Nick and his determination to pursue excellence in all that he does whether it is in academics, running track and cross-country, or playing a role in one of Wesleyan’s high school musicals.Nick’s determination and pursuit of excellence is a reinforcement of our vision, To know and live the truth.

The Wesleyan family is proud of all of our incredible seniors that have been uniquely designed and gifted for God’s glory. 

To read The Trojournal with additional information about a number of our seniors graduating with distinction and honor, please click here.

Dr. Rob Brown
Head of School