200+ Reasons To Celebrate Spiritual Emphasis Week!


“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5, 6)

Each year, Wesleyan is intentional in carving out a week in the Middle and High School schedule that is devoted to focusing attention toward the Lord and our relationship with Him. This week is known as “Spiritual Emphasis Week”. These days are designed to create time for the Lord to do only the work He can in our students’ hearts and in their relationships with Him.

In today’s societal climate, having these devoted times for our young people to assess their relationship with the Lord, or even take that first step of commitment towards Him, is equally critical.

“This year,” said Pastor Paul Coates, “seemed extra special from the beginning.” Each morning, after opening with worship led by the Mercy Hill Worship band, Pastor Will Ferguson, Associate Director of Community Outreach at Mercy Hill Church-High Point, shared with our high school students while Tanner Hogue, former Wesleyan teacher and current Associate Director of Student Ministries at Mercy Hill, spoke to our middle school students.

Their topic, “Exposed: Getting Real with Others and Christ” encouraged students to place God at the center of their lives in a world hungry for exposure and fame. Both speakers found our students very receptive.  “Unusually so,” said HS Principal Mr. Rickman. “Most of them dialed in and focused on the message. To take a phrase from the old days, ‘The Holy Spirit settled among us!'” And clearly, He did.

To God’s glory, at the end of the week, more than 200 MS and HS Wesleyan students expressed through their commitment cards, that they either made a first-time personal commitment to Christ, rededicated their life to Christ or desired a deeper relationship with Him. As Mr. Rickman explained, “We don’t share this to boast in our own efforts, but instead to praise the Lord and let you, our parents, know that your children, our students, are seeking a deeper relationship with Christ.”

Over the last few weeks, our staff has begun implementing a follow-up plan for these students that will enable us to ensure they are supported well as they move forward in their relationship Christ. While our Moms in Prayer Group has plans to pray over each commitment card, our middle and high school leaders are using a small group curriculum each week in Chapel designed to assist our students in their spiritual journey.

As part of this process, we covet two things from you. First, to pray for these, and every one of our students, as they seek to know and trust Christ and His word in their daily lives. We can agree that these days, in and out of the classroom, are very challenging for our young people, and our greatest desire is that they know Christ who will enable them to stand firm as they live out His Truth daily.  Second, we invite you to visit our website and listen to the services from Spiritual Emphasis Week. Both the High School and Middle School sessions can be found here.

Without question, the Lord is working on our campus and we thank you for your continued commitment in allowing us the privilege to partner with you in the academic and spiritual nurturing of your children!

Dr. Rob Brown, Head of School
Mr. Tim Rickman, High School Principal
Mr. Tim Kohns, Middle School Principal and Elementary Principal
Mrs. Becky Owens, Enrichment Center Principal