Students Experience World of Advanced Anatomy via HPU

On Wednesday, November 14, High Point University’s Congdon School of Health Sciences welcomed 65 Wesleyan Christian Academy Anatomy and Advanced Placement (AP) Biology students to HPU to explore the advanced study of human anatomy in a university setting. The brain child of Wesleyan’s Anatomy teacher Michelle Cozart and Amanda Mittlestadt, HPU’s Director of the Willed Body Program, this first-time opportunity gave each student an experience they will likely never forget.

Accompanied by Mrs. Cozart and Mrs. Alexander, our AP Biology teacher, the students began their day with a welcome from HPU’s Director of Admissions, Joe Cristy, who prepared them for a brief campus tour. Next on the agenda was an Anatomy lecture delivered by Dr. James D. Pampush, followed by time in HPU’s Human Anatomy Lab.

During their experience in the lab, students rotated between four stations: a plastinated heart station, a neurological station (with an actual human brain), a fully-dissected donor, and a lower extremity station.

“It was fascinating to watch as the students ventured into the lab and viewed the actual specimens donated to the Willed Body Program,” said Mrs. Cozart, “Our students gained knowledge of specific human body systems while also learning what types of medical programs High Point University offers, all on the backdrop of a college campus. It’s a win on so many levels.”

High School Principal Mr. Rickman applauded the day’s events, saying, “The work that Amanda and Michelle have put into this day has provided our high school students with a potentially life-changing moment in which they begin to understand the complex magnificence of the human body, while grasping the stark reality that our body is simply a vessel for the life God breathes into each
of us.”

Equally enthusiastic about this opportunity was HPU’s Amanda Mittlestadt, “The University as a whole is excited to have these exceptional young men and women on our campus today. Who knows? This day may spur one of them on to a career in the medical field?”

Cozart concluded, “Today was a good day. I love that a relationship with High
Point University is possible and I love that Wesleyan students benefit from it.”

WCA Administration