Elementary School – Legacy

Elementary School

Each day, we know that our kids are surrounded in a safe environment by teachers, staff, and fellow students in a Christ-centered environment that focuses on a Biblical worldview.  The icing on the cake is all of the added benefits Wesleyan offers such as sports, arts, learning resources, STEM, an on-site nurse, etc.

Heather Winslow, Wesleyan Elementary Mother

Our Teachers
Wesleyan Christian Academy understands that a loving and structured learning environment is vital to your child’s ability to excel in an academic setting. Our administration and teachers take their responsibility to establish that security very seriously. Further, they prioritize learning your child’s strengths, weaknesses and gifting, providing you and your child with a true sense of “being known”. 

Our Curriculum
Each week, beyond the liberal arts subjects they study daily, every elementary student participates in STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math), Art, Music, Chapel, Media Center/Library, and Physical Education (including swimming onsite). In addition, we enjoy the freedom of integrating biblical truth into every subject and activity, further strengthening your child’s spiritual foundation.

Our Performances
To further equip our students, while giving them a fun, memorable experience, our elementary students participate in a variety of special programs every year that incorporate vocal and instrumental music, public speaking and drama. Below is a sampling of these events:

  • Grandparents Honor Day (September)
  • Thanksgiving Day Program (November)
  • Veterans Day Special Program (November)
  • Christmas Nativity Chapel (December)
  • Elementary Spring Musical (April)

You may visit the school calendar on our home page to find dates and times for each of these programs. We’d love to have you join us for one or more of them.  

Our Passion
As countless families have experienced, since 1971, Wesleyan’s true passion has been building young men and women who are equipped to excel academically, while impacting our world for Christ as purposed, visionary leaders. To do so, we’ve assembled a K-12 school in which each grade strategically builds on the other, teachers expect excellence, character is priority, and reaching out to others through service and Christ’s love trumps all.


Mrs. Emily Orman
Elementary Principal

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Mrs. Kristy Morrison

Elementary Assistant

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“I look forward to going to my specials like Art and STEM (every day). And I like that all my teachers are so kind to me and pray with me each day.”

– Claire, Wesleyan 2nd grade