Classrooms Receive New Technology Additions

This year, Wesleyan has purchased seventy Lenovo Chromebooks for middle school and the Enrichment Center. We began investigating the use of the Google Docs platform last year, knowing that Google is currently the leading technology in lower school education and rapidly being embraced by the business community. What makes it most appealing to educational institutions is that it is free. We have rolled the Chromebooks out slowly on a smaller scale to see if they would fit into our academic culture. It has only taken a few days to see how quickly the students acclimated to the Chromebooks and Google Docs. Therefore, we have made the decision to use the Google platform for education. Currently the Chromebooks are being used in a limited capacity in the middle school and at different levels in the Enrichment Center. The other grade levels will follow as funding is allocated.

We are excited about incorporating this technology into the classroom that will allow our students to experience all the features Google affords.